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Michael Cerveris @ ARTSpeak

Vital Statistics
Seen on:
Thursday, May 28th, 7pm
Seen at: Fairfax High School, sponsored by ARTSpeak
Moderated by: Mark Shugoll
With Songs By: Stephen Sondheim, Maury Yeston, Leonard Bernstein</div>

Dealers Choice * * *

Vital Statistics
Seen on:
Monday, March 17th 2008
Seen at: Trafalgar Studios, Studio One, London UK
Directed by: Samuel West
Written by: Patrick Marber
With: Stephen Wight, Samuel Barnett, Malcolm Sinclair, Roger Lloyd Pack

The Sea * * * *

Vital Statistics
Seen on:
Saturday, March 15th 2008
Seen at: Theatre Royal Haymarket, London UK
Directed by: Jonathan Kent
Written by: Edward Bond
With: Eileen Atkins, David Haig, Marcia Warren, Harry Lloyd, William Chubb

99 Comedy Club * * *


Vital Statistics
Seen on:
Sunday, March 16th
Seen at: Storm Nightclub, Leicester Square, London, UK
M.C.: Jim Woroniecki
With: Matt Green, Dwight Slade, Michael Fabbri

Shakespeare Meme

Because angevin2 did it first, I can't wait to go to London, and, like angevin2 , am feeling like an enormous show-off...

So I still have 7 plays to see before I can claim to have seen the whole corpus of Shakespeare. Sadness. And only one of them is performed with any kind of regularity.

Oh well, off to London now. Hopefully I'll remember to do a brief online journal of this trip and its attendant theatricals when I get back...

No Child * * * *

Vital Statistics
Seen on: February 3rd, 2008
Seen at: Woolly Mammoth Theatre
Written and performed by: Nilaja Sun

The King's Singers * * * * *

Vital Statistics
Seen on: December 7th, 2007
Seen at: GMU Center for the Arts
Written by: Various
With: The King's Singers

Cairo Symphony Orchestra * *

Vital Statistics

Seen on: December 1st, 2007
Seen at: Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt
Conducted by: Kjell Seim
Written by: Jean Sibelius, Gioacchino Rossini
With: Mohamed Hamdy (clarinet)

Sweeney Todd * * * ~

Vital Statistics

Seen on: November 18th, 2007
Seen at: GMU's Black Box Theatre
Directed by: Sean Kinslow
Written by: Christopher Bond
With: Magenta Brooks, Richard Hawkins, etc.


1984 * * * *

Vital Statistics
Seen on:
November 16th, 2007
Seen at: George Mason Center for the Arts
Directed by: Tim Robbins
Written by: Michael Gene Sullivan (adapted from George Orwell)
With: Brent Hinkley, Nathan Kornelis, Justin Zsebe, Kaili Hollister, V.J. Foster, Steven Porter